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Welcome to the side saddle blog. Here you will find interesting, unique, vintage and new side saddle images and information. We invite you to explore the lovely art of riding aside!

Missing Us?

Have you been missing our blog?  We will try and do better in 2013.  Tell us want you want to see on the blog by using our contact us page.  But if we fall short remember you can always find us on Facebook.  Ride Aside!

Hello? Who’s Out There?

OK, so we want to know who is reading our blog and or following us on Facebook. Yes, we know you are out there!  Please leave a comment.  Let us know where you are at.  Do you ride side saddle? If so, what is your favorite thing to do when riding aside?  Parades, shows, demos, trail rides? Do you wish you rode side saddle? 

Do you like historical habits, modern attire, history, and art?  If you are in Georgia or the Southeast we would love to have you join us.  We want to hear from everyone no matter where you live!  Please leave a comment.  Looking forward to hearing from you all! Have a great day!


Let’s tap out on the chair the number of days until Friday!

Thinking of You

Our hearts go out to everyone in the Southeast whose lives were changed in any way because of the devasting and deadly tornadoes in the past twenty-four hours.

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