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On Horseback

“A woman never looks better than on horseback.” Jane Austen


“Always smile when you are riding because it changes your intent.”  James Shaw

Happy Monday!

“Don’t approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back or a fool from any direction.” Jewish Proverb Great advice for a Monday!


“Sing, riding’s a joy!” Robert Browning

An Honest Friend

“We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” Robert Louis Stevenson


“For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.” Melissa James

Dogs and Horses

“Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.”  Elizabeth Taylor

Real Thing

“I’m no model lady.  A model’s just an imitation of the real thing.”  Mae West


“Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle.”  Marilyn Monroe

Four Feet

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Unknown. Hope you get to spend some time today with your perfect companions.


“Love the earth, the sun and the animals.” Walt Whitman


“He knows when you’re happy.  He knows when you’re comfortable.  He knows when you’re confident.  And he always knows when you have an apple.” Unknown.  A wooden horse scultpure outside a bookstore in Lexington, Kentucky during the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

Side Saddle Up

Feeling down? Saddle up!  Aside of course!


“A horse is worth more than riches. ” Spanish Proverb

People on Horses

“People on horses look better than they are. People in cars look worse than they are.”  Maraya Mannes

Be Happy

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” Audrey Hepburn

Being Thankful

“Got no check books, got no banks.  Still I’d like to express my thanks-I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night.” Irving Berlin

Happy Thanksgiving!  Well, almost.

Women and Horses and Power and War

“Four things greater than all things are, women, and horses and power and war.”  Rudyard Kipling, The Ballad of the King’s Jest.

Queen Elizabeth rallying the troops at Tilbury, 1830.


A Horse

“A horse can lend its rider the speed or strength he or she lacks, but the rider who is wise  remembers that it is no more than a loan.” Pam Brown


“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy to love.”  Marcus Aurelius

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