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Welcome to the side saddle blog. Here you will find interesting, unique, vintage and new side saddle images and information. We invite you to explore the lovely art of riding aside!

Jumping Sidesaddle!


Wow! This is great! One of my photos is on here and a link to our website! Check it out! Thanks Horse Nation! Ride Aside!


“For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins.” Melissa James

Side Saddle Weekend Kentucky Horse Park!


Side Saddle Weekend August 18-19, 2012 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. One of the Georgia Ladies Aside members and her horse will be performing side saddle jumping demonstrations. See you there!

Jumping Sidesaddle

 This photo is of Judith Gerkey jumping side saddle at the 1936 Olympic tryouts. She is riding her Hungarian horse, Izego. See a past blog for more information on this lady and her horse. Jumping into the weekend! Ride aside.

Leap Aside

Happy Leap Day! Leap Day only happens every four years.  So you get an extra day to leap aside!

Jumping into the weekend

Wishing you an exciting weekend! Ride Aside!

Happy Friday!

Wishing you a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Esther Stace

Mrs. Esther Stace jumping a record six foot six inches at the Sydney Royal Show in 1915!

Ride Aside

Yes, I do ride like a girl.


“For one to fly, one only has to take the reins.”  Unknown.

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