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Georgia Sidesaddle Clinic

Georgia Ladies Aside Sidesaddle Clinic
June 6, 2015
Sonora Creek Farm, Canton, GA

What You’ll Learn: where/how/why to ride aside, attire, types of sidesaddles, sidesaddle history, locating a sidesaddle, position and more. Saddles will be provided and fit to you and your horse. Rain or shine – large covered indoor arena. Lunch will be available to purchase. All riders must wear a helmet and boots. Please no dogs. ASA members and all youth auditors/riders will receive a discount.

Stalls will be available for $25 a day.

Reserve your spot by mailing the application/check in by May 23.  Email us for more info and your forms!

Wear Your Helmet!

Today, June 11 is Riders4Helmets International Awareness Day. This is a great organization who’s goal is to get more riders wearing helmets.  Many retailers are offering discounts on helmets today to show their support for wearing helmets.  Helmets save lives.   

Have you not worn a helmet in a long time?  Or ever?   Do you think helmets are big, hot, and bulky?  Yes, the girl in the vintage image has a big helmet on!  Today’s helmets are lightweight, streamlined, ventilated, and offer more protection for your head than ever before.  They also come in great colors. Just want a little color on a black helmet?  You can add bling and accent colors to some helmets too. Or grab a colored helmet cover.

Helmets are required to ride in many lesson programs, clinics and horse shows.  Riding in a parade?  Look what you can do with a helmet cover and a little imagination. Tinkerbell is wearing a Troxel helmet covered with flowers.  This photo recently won the Eventing Nation Fun Helmet Photo contest. The prize was a Riders4Helmets saddle pad.

Here’s an easy way to decorate your helmet!  Just put a Santa hat on it!  This photo won the Riders4Helmet’s Photo contest last year.

Remember you should replace your helmet every five years or after a fall!  

So have fun!  Ride Aside!  And wear your helmet. Let me know what your favorite helmet is! Mine is the Charles Owen GR8.

Green Shoes!

I found the shoes to go with the green top hat and green gloves!

Green Side Saddle Top Hat and Gloves


We have just a few days left before St. Patrick’s Day. Look at these lovely green side saddle items! These would be perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade!  What color should the habit be?  More green?

Side Saddle Mermaid in Green

Our lady in green today is Sue.  Sue  modeled her fun mermaid costume at the March 2010 Georgia Ladies Aside Clinic held at Sonora Creek Farm in Canton, GA.  Sue is a talented seamstress with a great imagination!   Look closely at the photo album to the right and you will see a photo of another rider riding  as a side saddle mermaid.  This costume is too fun! I want one!

1812 Regency Riding Dress

Yesterday, we began showcasing ladies wearing green in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day.  This elegant woman is wearing an 1812 Regency riding dress.  When you think of the Regency Period you can think of Jane Austin. The riding dress was made of a high quality, light weight wool in forest green, red or black.  The dress had a very high waist.  This high waisted style in the Regency Period was referred to as being  short-bodied. The hats were adorned with very large, ornate feathers.

There is a wonderful book called Mrs. Hurst Dancing & Other Scenes From Regency Life.  The book is a collection of charming watercolor paintings by a young girl named Diana Sperling.  The paintings were done from 1812-1823 and depict the daily events in the life of Diana and her family who lived at Dynes Hall in Essex. The book is filled with many equestrian paintings, some which are quite humorous. It is interesting to note that many of the girls and women in the book rode donkeys. 

You can find the book in various places online.  It makes a wonderful coffee table book.

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